Ventures often need quality, specialised and experienced support to get investment and contract ready.  As a result, the Fund is designed to provide significant resources to meet the costs of these specialist inputs as well as the costs to the venture.  The Fund will enable providers to support ventures from their existing and new network with a confident, but effective investment or contract readiness plan. 

List of approved providers


Role of the Investment and Contract Readiness Provider

Investment and contract readiness providers will support, guide and assist social ventures to develop realistic proposals to become investment and contract ready.  These providers will partner with a social venture in order to submit an application, including working together on an investment or contract readiness plan with milestones which will form the basis of applications. 

Become a provider to the Investment and Contract Readiness Fund

This Fund offers a fantastic opportunity to work with a range of ambitious and innovative social ventures to help them access emerging opportunities in the social investment market. 

Providers will need to apply for approval to participate in the Fund programme and be listed on the Fund's website.

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